App-Less AI Smartphone Concept

The smartphone is set to feature a user interface devoid of any apps, which has been created through a partnership with Qualcomm and Brain.

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Deutsche Telekom Showcases App Less AI Smartphone Concept at MWC 2024
Pic Credit: Reuters
  • The AI phone can respond to prompts and generate recommendations
  • MWC 2024 is currently underway in Barcelona
  • Smartphones today typically use apps for all services

App-Less AI Smartphone Concept

Deutsche Telekom unveiled a futuristic smartphone concept at the MWC tech conference in Barcelona, showcasing a device that relies on artificial intelligence (AI) instead of apps to cater to users’ specific needs.

Unlike current smartphones that heavily rely on apps for various functions, the concept phone, called the “T-phone,” will feature an app-free user interface. This innovative interface has been developed in collaboration with Qualcomm and Brain, two of Deutsche Telekom’s partners.

CEO Tim Hoettges expressed his confidence that in the next 5-10 years, apps will no longer be used by their customers. The showcased product demonstrates Deutsche Telekom’s belief in the potential of multi- and crossmodal Large Language Models (LLMs) to greatly enhance and simplify the lives of its customers. The phone’s capabilities include responding to prompts, providing personalized recommendations for travel destinations, making purchases on behalf of the owner, and sharing pictures and videos with contacts.

The company’s focus on AI aligns with the current trend in the technology and telecom industry, where companies are leveraging AI to drive innovation and improve business prospects. However, it is worth noting that the increasing use of AI also raises legal and ethical concerns, as highlighted by many experts in the field.

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