Dyson Zone Air-Purifying Headphones with ANC and a 50-hour battery life

The Dyson Zone headphones offer three ANC modes: Isolation, Conversation, and Transparency, in their latest release.

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On October 4th, Dyson introduced the Dyson Zone headphones as the first addition to their audio portfolio in India. These over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones boast metal grilles and a detachable face visor that utilizes micro compressors and filters within the earcups to deliver purified air to the wearer’s mouth and nose. The Dyson Zone headphones also feature active noise cancellation (ANC) and are compatible with the MyDyson app, allowing users to control the device from their mobile phones. Equipped with 40mm drivers, these headphones offer up to 50 hours of playback time with the ANC feature enabled. The Dyson Zone headphones were previously launched in select markets outside of India in April of this year.

Price & Availability

The Dyson Zone is priced at Rs. 59,900 in India, while the Zone Absolute + variant, which includes an additional filter and a multiple port charger, is priced at Rs. 64,900. These products are now available for purchase through the official company website, effective immediately.


As previously mentioned, the Dyson Zone headphones are equipped with active noise cancellation (ANC) technology, which effectively reduces background and surrounding noises. These headphones feature a total of eight ANC microphones that continuously monitor surrounding noise at an impressive rate of 3,84,000 times per second. Additionally, two additional microphones are included for telephony and transparency systems. The headphones are designed to be worn over the ears and offer wireless connectivity through Bluetooth. The audio quality is enhanced by the use of 40mm neodymium speaker drivers with an impedance of 16 Ohms.

The Dyson Zone headphones offer three different ANC modes: Isolation, Conversation, and Transparency. The Isolation mode provides the highest level of ANC, ensuring a rich audio experience. The Conversation mode is automatically activated when the wearer lowers the visor, allowing for clear communication. The Transparency mode enhances awareness of the surroundings by boosting audio frequencies. The ergonomic design of the wireless earphones includes comfortable earpads, making them suitable for extended use.

In addition to their audio capabilities, these headphones also prioritize the wearer’s comfort by providing purified airflow to the nose and mouth. The earcups of the Dyson Zone headphones contain separate air purifiers, each equipped with two motors that deliver two streams of purified air. These motors offer four air purification modes (low, medium, high, and auto) to cater to different levels of exertion. The headphones also come with a removable face visor, and Dyson claims that their filtration system effectively removes city fumes, gases, nitrogen dioxide, viruses, and 99 percent of ultrafine pollutants.

To enhance the user experience, the Dyson Zone headphones can be paired with the MyDyson app, available on both iOS and Android smartphones. This app provides users with information about the air quality in their surroundings and sends notifications when the filter needs to be replaced. Users can also customize their listening preferences and control the device through the paired app.

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